Use Cases

All use cases deployed in the scope of ECo-AT Phase 2 are called “Day 1 use cases”:

  • Road Works Warning (RWW): drivers get information of road works ahead, their relevant parameters and associated obstructions (e.g. closed lanes).

  • In-Vehicle Information (IVI): drivers get information about present speed policy/advices and other relevant (hazard) information.

  • CAM, DENM Aggregation: the collection of anonymized information from vehicle ITS stations enlarges the information basis for traffic management decisions.

  • Intersection Safety (ISS): cooperative Traffic Lights will provide information on their status (SPaT – Signal Phase and Timing).

  • Other DENM based applications: DENM messages can be generated by stationary ITS stations.

  • Multimodal information (MIF): the provision of multimodal information is an option which will be analysed within a feasibility study.