Testfeld Telematik - Results

The following list provides you with a brief overview of the main results of the project Testfeld Telematik:
  • Development of a functional prototype system architecture and all system specifications necessary for the realisation of the defined project content
  • Creation of the Testfeld Telematik by realising the system architecture within the framework of a cooperative traffic center as well as the development and cross-linking of in total 46 roadside communication points, including 10 traffic lights.
  • Collection of anonymised vehicle data.
  • Development and realisation of cooperative service applications
    • Local congestion and accident warning
    • Local speed limits and traffic information
    • Information on traffic light situation
    • Road work warning
    • Flight information
    • Park & Ride information
  • Publication and distribution of the realised applications via several coding standards and communication technologies
    • Coding in TPEG and ETSI DENM
    • Communication via ITS-G5, WAVE, CALM-IR and mobile networks
  • Receiving and displaying the distributed applications in vehicles on several platforms
    • Integrated vehicle platforms developed by car industry
    • Refitting platforms
    • Navigation devices
    • Mobile devices / Smartphones / Tablets