System specifications

3rd parties (industry partners not being project partners of ECo-AT) will have access to the published system specifications. It is the utmost aim of the ECo-AT partners to achieve a short time frame between the detailing of interim results in different releases, and the publishing of further releases, in order to ensure that 3rd parties have the chance to give feedback on the specifications in due time.

Living Lab - Come and test in May and October 2016 in Vienna!

Project partners as well as 3rd parties are invited to test against the system specification in the ECo-AT Living Lab on a voluntary basis. If you are interested please get in contact with us! 

In the following ASFINAG will develop the tender specifications and start the tendering procedures for the procurement of the C-ITS system in Phase 2. This work will be based on the published final Phase 1 system specification. ASFINAG will use the Living Lab for acceptance tests of C-ITS systems and components for operational use, based on test procedures and tools agreed and developed in Phase 1.